Umbrella democracy and universal suffrage

Hong Kong’s umbrella revolution - the Guardian briefing

After 10 Octoberby the appeal of Hong Kong Federation of Students and Scholarism, people mainly reside inside their spontaneous tents. However, if the laws itself is injustice, we have to correct it. A protester is accosted by the police after being beaten with a baton following a violent night of scuffles with the police in the Admiralty district of Hong Kong, in the early hours of December 1, I think that is the way we can mobilize more people to participate, and that is also the way we can make use of the energy and the creativity that people have.

These kinds of cases arise in at least three ways: But we should have more space to discuss among the participants.

All of us attending this demonstration are demanding true democracy, true universal suffrage. Some of the social media, which is very popular among the young generation, are closing themselves down under pressure.

Therefore, the student unions have agreed to build up the alliances which are composed of students, pan-Democratic [pro-democracy] parties, civil organizations, and other human rights groups.

We think that the best guarantee of freedom is democracy. We think that is only an excuse to refuse to talk to the protesters. There may be situation that a good nominee cannot stand out from the election because that nominees knows little about the way attracting citizens to vote him while the other one who win in the election only know the way that enable him to win in the election but not how to manage a city.

Greece recognized full male suffrage in Many, many people are disappointed with this tendency. The total effort which would occupy a busy man for three minutes all told may in this fashion leave another person prostrate after a day of doubt, anxiety and toil.

Then, we must think about the initial motive of laws. The sentence was expected to impair their political careers, as they faced barring from running for public office for five years.

Retrieved 29 November The protesters are very angry with the reason given by the government. There is no choice for us. What we have to note is that the 2, Admiralty officials of had become the 3, of ; and that this growth was unrelated to any possible increase in their work.

Politicians and taxpayers have assumed with occasional phases of doubt that a rising total in the number of civil servants must reflect a growing volume of work to be done. The interview has been edited for clarity.

The Navy during that period had diminished, in point of fact, by a third in men and two-thirds in ships. If we all work together there is a chance of success. A prominent slogan read, "Without democracy, how can we have the rule of law?

Interview by Michelle Chen Hong Kong, a city better known as a financial center than a political hotspot, has erupted in recent weeks. There is lots of debate so it is not the time to have a large-scale mobilisation. A protestor is sprayed with pepper spray during a violent night of scuffles with the police in the Admiralty district of Hong Kong, in the early hours of December 1, Share via Email This article is over 2 years old Protesters holding yellow umbrellas gather outside the government headquarters in Hong Kong on the first anniversary of the start of pro-democracy demonstrations.

Umbrella Movement

The European Parliament is the only supranational organ elected with universal suffrage since MC How do we see the fears and frustrations about growing inequality under China playing out in the streets?

Journalists were also attacked. He was carried off with his hands tied behind his back by seven police officers; then officers took turns to punch, kick and stamp on him for about four minutes.

Hong Kong 'umbrella movement' marks first anniversary and vows to fight on

New Tang Dynasty Television. China, as we can see, is not socialist anymore. In mainland China, where a political crackdown is under way and public dissent is outlawed, there was scant media coverage of the anniversary of the pro-democracy protests.Three years ago today Hong Kong’s longest-running pro-democracy protest began.

That today the students who led the peaceful protests are in jail, while the conduct of pro-Beijing protestors and. The demonstrations ultimately failed in their two main goals – forcing Hong Kong’s unpopular pro-Beijing leader CY Leung from office and achieving genuine universal suffrage.

Umbrella: A Political Tale from Hong Kong is the first comprehensive account of the Hong Kong Umbrella Movement. It examines in detail the campaign for genuine universal suffrage, situating it within the contexts of the history of the Hong Kong pro-democracy movement, Hong Kong's relationship with China, recent developments in nonviolent.

In a movement dubbed the “Umbrella Revolution,” thousands of protesters are demanding “universal suffrage,” or the right to select the city’s chief executive free of Beijing’s meddling. Local authorities, backed by China’s central government, have responded. New campus of University of Macau, which is located on Zhuhai was hung with banner "Macau also need real universal suffrage", similar that of Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution, for echoing the street protests in the occupied territories of Hong Kong.

Pro-democracy demonstrators blocked and camped on major thoroughfares and roads of the city for just over two months, calling for universal suffrage in with the right to elect the city's own chief executive-- without Beijing's pre-approval of candidates-- a demand that remains rejected by Beijing.

Umbrella democracy and universal suffrage
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