The main characters of cat in

They do not just wish to bring about a world revolution, but they seek revenge against Chronos, each for their own reasons; for example, Shiki and Maro due to the war between the Taoist and Chronos long ago.

The gang, despite the many times they managed to trick Dibble, respect and care for him as well. She is also much less manipulative, preferring to handle things personally and with straightforward planning rather than manipulate others into doing work for Chronos.

Heard[ edit ] Beluga J. In the movie, he sometimes gets Top Cat and his gang in trouble, and his fandom of fictional musician Lazlo-Lazlo serves to introduce that character. Carbucketty - The name was one of T.

He is a large sumo wrestler-like man able to control gravity within a certain range. Kranz enjoys being silent and rarely talks, thus leaving Baldor to make the decisions. It is also hinted in the anime that Leon might like Eve. In other productions Quaxo is a separate character.

In the anime, he died in the final assault while fighting David Papper. Demeter - A very skittish female cat. He usually takes a back seat to Sephiria and complies with her decisions even though he will express his opinion if he sees a flaw in her plans.

Who are the main characters A Corner of the Universe?

Jennyanydots - The old Gumbie cat. While he is briefly referred to, he never actually appears in the original manga. Belze holds no ill-will towards Train but hates Creed. He also tells his gang that they only steal from people who deserve it. Despite her gentle looks and young age, her swordsmanship is undisputed.

Victor - Primarily a character from the London production, a young grey male. He is thought to be second in command after Old Deuteronomy.

Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer are most commonly remembered for their unique dance number where at the end, they both latch onto each other and do a "double windmill" across the stage.

Train denies having had romantic feelings for the year-old, stating he "fell in love In the film, which features robots as a plot device, he is able to disguise himself as a feminine robot.

Who are the main characters in Cats the musical? He was once employed by the police to help Dibble with his beat. Benny the Ball[ edit ] Benny, a blue-colored cat with a white sports jacket that fastens with a single button at his neck, is T. The hotelkeeper as kind of a father figure and of course the kitty.

He is vicious, but also gullible and dim-witted. The Doctor is actually her former partner. Tantomile - Female twin of Coricopat.Select a cat to begin Each Cat in the Jellicle Tribe has a story.

Main characters

It is one you may not know. Whether they’re mischievous or mysterious, kind hearted or down-right nasty, they all have their place as a Jellicle cat. These are the characters who have a main role in Nature Cat.

Main Characters

The main characters in the musical Cats are Grizabella,Old Deuteronomy,Macavity, and Munkustrap. Top Cat. Top Cat (or simply T.C.) is the yellow-furred, charismatic, and clever main character of the series.

He wears a mauve pork pie hat and a matching often rips off and/or tricks minor characters, Officer Dibble, and even his own gang. This is the category page for main characters in Sam & Cat. This is a list of main characters in the Warriors series: cats that narrate in at least one book in the Main arcs, Super Editions, Novellas, Field guides, or Manga.

The main characters of cat in
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