The language problem in the world in nigel vincents why english is not enough

Their primary tools are a doctrine vaguely named "multiculturalism" and its tactical twin, politically correct behavior and language. The PC police use language to enforce their rules, just as they say the West uses language to suppress other, less achieving cultures.

Later, the Roman Empire, lording over thousands of local languages, made Latin the lingua franca of the known world. Instead, it is criticized and de-emphasized, most notably on college campuses turning out graduates who are reading-deficient and writing-handicapped.

The only reason I and many others speak English is because centuries ago my country was invaded, colonised and the native language suppressed. So when English speakers expect the rest of the world to learn our language, we are actually asking a lot.

This seems an ample number, considering the march of nationalism over the past years, during which formerly distinct local languages and dialects were passed by or forgotten in the process of forming political statehood.

There is no cultural baggage or legacy of colonialism; it was never spread at the point of a sword or gun. Having only similar people with the same language leads to groupthink and blinds us to major problems. What exactly does it mean?

For example, I wrote an article about Polish for the Matador Network and it was very well received. It is costs time, money and can be deeply frustrating. After completion of this task, students can see that the words of Shakespeare and the advertising language on the back of a box of Cheerios are basically the same after they are "deconstructed.

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Limiting the conversation only to English speakers prevents us from hearing other opinions and ideas that we never would have considered. Early new Americans learned English out of pride for their new country -- and out of necessity to engage in the capitalistic system.

It is the official or national language of 52 countries, among them U. Italian emerged from its Roman roots to serve as the language of music and art criticism. It goes back to the Marxist-inspired campus activists of 35 years ago who signed on to the doctrine that America was a corrupt, racist, chauvinistic, and imperialistic evil power that needed to be brought down.

The Enemy Within In an irony that surpasses comprehension, The Modern Language Association, an organization of English teachers, is the leader of the politically correct movement to bring down English. The campus professoriate first teaches students to deconstruct written works.

Why English Should Not Be The International Language Of The World

So what can we do about it? Hayakawa stood his ground against the demonstrators and gained popular attention, which he used to run for the United States Senate in Businesses would be open to using the talent from everyone, not just those lucky enough have English speaking parents or good tutors.

English is now the most widely studied second language in the world because a working knowledge of English is required in many fields and occupations as well as for international communication. Placing extra burdens on some people just to the luck of birth offends our sense of justice.

Top English spread from Britain in the 17thth centuries to North America, the Caribbean, and northern Ireland; and in the 18th and 19th centuries to South Asia and Africa. Irish, Dutch or Danish are never going to be major international languages so learning French or Spanish is no different to learning English for these people.

Today, there are several varieties of Standard English in the world, in addition to scores of non-standard varieties. And last but not least, while you can make mistakes, there are some you will never do: It is the same as asking people to complete and extra qualification before they can make it into the upper levels of business and science considering how research is almost solely published and business so heavily conducted in English.

Bernie Reeves is editor and publisher of Raleigh Metro Magazine Language is a mystery that has baffled science and religion since the first recorded utterance of upright man. Worse, these students have been denied the pride of ownership of their tongue and the knowledge and joy it can offer to create a fulfilling life.

During this time, a large number of French words were assimilated into Old English, which also lost most of its inflections. Most English-based creoles were formed in the British colonies in the 17th and 18th centuries. Why bother learning it when everyone spoke English?

He won, and for 18 years until his death while in office, he introduced at each session of the Senate a bill to make English the official language of the United States.

I began to reconsider my views when I went travelling through Europe. According to the campus practitioners of post-modern theory -- the so-called "critical scholars" -- the English language is used as a weapon by the dominant culture to browbeat the underachievers.

You still live and work in the same place, but for reasons beyond your control it has been decided that more people speak Spanish than English so therefore this is the new international language through which you will have to work.

Now the strain on local languages is not from the forces that build new nations, but rather economic and cultural realities that require the nations themselves to forge a global method of communication -- a lingua franca for the New Millennium, an overarching language that transcends local dialect for the purpose of trade, finance, diplomacy, and cultural communication.

None seemed to be aware that there are countries that exist where the government provides insurance or even universal healthcare. This explains why anti-American activists lobbied for federal monies to support English as a second language in our school systems -- not the first language for Spanish-speaking immigrants -- working behind the scenes in the labyrinth of the federal bureaucracy to alter the curriculum to their whim.Jun 22,  · Best Answer: Since our Founding, the language of America has been English.

Immigrants built this Country, and learning English was a basic requirement to build a life. To achieve citizenship, immigrants who come to our Country legally must be able to read and write the Constitution in Resolved.

The English language is not under threat and, notwithstanding the protestations of right-wing political parties, nor is the English national identity.

Like many other aspects of life in the UK, we know English is our language because it just is. English is better than the rest. I think that English is the best language because it doesn't make you sound angry when you speak (Germans) or just sound plain stupid (Spanish) or sound the same with every word you speak (Chinese and Japanese) The only other good language is French, but there aren't enough French speakers to make that the official.

People (white or not, rich or not) already treated English like it was the official language anyway. English was never legally the official language of the USA because it never needed to be.

While foreign languages are now held in greater respect than before, English is still used in almost every aspect of life for almost all citizens. Language isn’t a big enough issue to try and make English the official language because it wouldn’t catch on.

Not having to learn another country's language promotes a kind of ignorance. If everyone were to learn English, people would have little reason to learn another language; therefore, they would remain more ignorant of the diverse.

Why English Should Not Be The International Language Of The World. not just those lucky enough have English speaking parents or good tutors. People would still have to go to the effort of learning another language, but it takes only a small fraction of the time to learn Esperanto as it does any other language.

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The language problem in the world in nigel vincents why english is not enough
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