Politics politicians mass media and practitioners

What the BBC does not have is the sort of internal power structure that politicians respect. The Politics politicians mass media and practitioners that erupted in Kaduna, Bauchi, Niger and a few other Northern states in the aftermath of the president election which led to serious loss of lives especially those of Natinal Youth Service Corp member and the colossal destruction of parties is a clear example of how politics is played in our society.

For instance former President Olusegun Obasanjo promised to solve the nagging issue of poor power supply in the country during the first tenure of his government but eight years later with millions of Naira supposedly spent on the power sector the problem remained the same. At the beginning of the film The QueenTony Blair is ushered into Downing Street and told by his monarch that he is her 10th prime minister.

This was exemplified in the recent political happenings the Middle East where with the aid of the mass media and social network and community or citizen journalism, news about the Islamic revolution that started in Egypt was spread to other nation of the Arab world as a result of the linkage offered by mass media.

It is not hard to imagine a similar scene being played out in the court of Rupert Murdoch. The other totemic victim of the press in recent years was Lord Hutton during his investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of Dr David Kelly. The paper is however quick to add that the situation is not all negative, politics in Nigeria is improving and the mass media though not utilizing its full potentials has contributed to its growth and held the politicians accountable to some of their campaign promises to the masses but more still needs to be done on the part of all.

However much they might complain, as Blair did in his dying days in office, about the "feral" qualities of the press, it is nothing compared with the feral qualities of the web.

Society, Nation and Nigeria shall be use inter-changeably in this paper. The people they most envy are the ones who can click their fingers and watch everyone jump.

Linkages- the mass are able to join together by interpersonal channels elements of society that are not directly connected. At least Murdoch offered that reassurance — a voice at the end of the line. The most impressive display of raw power by a newspaper in recent years was not directed against a politician.

How Does the Media Influence Politics?

The paper used the actualization of electoral campaign promises by politicians to base its discussion and evaluate how the mass media, politicians and politics have performed as functional units of the Nigerian society to achieve these promises. Recent happenings in Nigerian society such as bomb blast and kidnapping and most recently the flood disaster in Lagos, Kebbi, Sokoto and Bauchi are carefully followed by the media and society is kept abreast with latest development as they unfold.

How the three element identified in the sub-head above perform their functions in Nigeria present a very unique scenario that leaves much room for complain in Nigeria.

They were then given their instructions at the crucial time: Many media organizations were shot down, proscribe with so many editors and reporters forced to go into hiding but yet the media never give up until democratic rule was returned in the country. Politicians make a lot of mouth watering promises to the people during electioneering campaigns but utterly forget such promises as soon as they get into power and little or no attention is given to the needs and yearnings of the society and the electorate that elected them.

The mass media in performing these functions also help building our political culture and political awareness.

Best frenemies: politicians and the press

To have a clear grasp of the contribution the mass media perform in the political setting of a nation, Gurevitch, and Blumler,p. A lot depends on being able to outlast the politicians. One leader of the league testified that prior to its passage in Congress, he had compiled a list of 13, business people who supported prohibition.

News media provide information and alert us of the changes that take place around us. For example mass advertising attempt to like the needs of buyers with the products of sellers. In fact, unlike prime ministers, newspaper editors often find out that they have much more power than they could have imagined before they took office:Pressure politics generally refers to political action which relies heavily on the use of mass media and mass communications to persuade politicians that the public wants or demands a particular action.

Pressure politics

However, it commonly includes intimidation, threats, and other covert techniques as well. The use of pressure, intimidation and manipulation has existed for millennia. The media influences politics by helping to shape public opinion. The United States has a democratic government, meaning that the people vote to elect leaders and change laws based on the majority.

When these voters rely on the mass media to assist them in developing an opinion for determining a. MEDIA AND AMERICAN POLITICS OVERVIEW impact it has in politics are also addressed.

THE MASS MEDIA TODAY Modern political success depends upon control of the mass media. Image making does not stop with the campaign. It is also a critical element in day-to-day governing since politicians' images in the press are seen as believe that.

Best frenemies: politicians and the press media and sport select committee in July. This was one of those rare moments in British public life when everyone seemed to have the same thought more.

The functions of politics, politicians, mass media and practitioners and the extent, to which they perform their functions in Nigeria, formed the main focus of this paper.

The paper used the actualization of electoral campaign promises by politicians to base its discussion and evaluate how the mass media, politicians and politics have performed as functional [ ]. A Theory of Media Politics How the Interests of Politicians, Journalists, and Citizens Shape the News By the goal of media politics is to use mass communication to mobilize the public support they need to win elections and to get their programs enacted while in office.

For journalists, the goal of media politics is to produce stories that.

Politics politicians mass media and practitioners
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