Ie9 select box problem algebra

On my site I have other pages that have this same form that are not in the accordion and there are no problems. I simply stuck this style sheet to the bottom of my existing, default ChosenJS CSS, and all was well from then on — well, with a few slight tweaks to colors and font sizes. None of the above CSS hacks can be seen by either browser.

Thanks for your help, Wayne Re: Run this in IE9 and you will see the problem.

Internet Explorer Select Dropdown Arrow Solution: ChosenJS

Before we look at sources of the problem in JavaScript we need to ensure the source of the problem is not in CSS. In the upper right hand corner log on as user name "jable able. I also called the respective resources conditionally the same way in my header: If Step 1 shows the issue is not purely CSS related, create a minimal test page on jsfiddle.

All browsers have their own default arrow on dropdown elements, unless specified otherwise by the CSS style sheet. The Solution Enough rambling: It will be better if I showed you the site and you could see the issues there.

You should now see the problem in the first form within the accordian. As to step 3, this will be quite difficult since I would have to link a database to the the form.

I used the following snippet just before my closing tag in the footer: Chosen is a library for making long, unwieldy select boxes more user-friendly.

It takes the pain out of styling dropdown menus by searching for existing select elements on the page and replacing them with a more intuitive solution for the user and the developer. To get into the site the user name is "cruizing" and the password is "driving4success" and this will bring you to the home page.

Accordian cutting off initial form select values in IE9 7 years ago Step 1: Besides the usual background size and image fixes, the most difficult task to regulate is the dreaded select dropdown element. Once in the site hover over the "Search" tab and click on "Quick Search".

A jQuery UI Accordion A form inside it A select box inside it with values one pre-selected That can and needs to be done without your system. That means creating a simple page outside of your system that has only three things on it from your description: Hover over the "Search" tab and click on "My Searches".

I am going to skip over the basic install steps for ChosenJS, and recommend that you read their documentation separately, and simply cut straight to the customization. On smaller sites with less dropdown elements across the site, the simple method would be to use a wrapper on each select element and apply an overflow: On my site I have other pages that have this same form that are not in the accordian and there are no problems.

After having gone through a number of sites using the above method, I have finally found the best solution: In modern browsers — Chrome, FireFox, Safari — this is not a big deal and can simply be achieved with the following: You will notice that this form has all the fields showing up properly.

I hope you find this solution saves you time, too!When the according in IE9 has a form inside and any the fields and the form that includes select values that are preselected with a value from the select. When you change the forth select box from G to A, the filter changes the options in the first box to B, C, D, G.

The selected option is now the second option, and this causes a problem with IE. This might be a bug in Angular, or it might be to some strange behavior in IE.

Fix for

Select Dropdown with Fixed width cuts off the option text in internet explorer. Find out how to solve it using JavaScript or jQuery. Fix for "IE Select DropDown with Fixed width issue" using jQuery | jQuery By Example. Free math problem solver answers your algebra homework questions with step-by-step explanations.

Jul 12,  · Forums» CSS» Select box issue with IE 10 gowda24 # July 12, at am HI, I have a normal select box as below. bikecarautobus In IE 10 it behaves differently. When u select car for the first time, and the next time when you click to select the option car which [ ].

select box not working properly in IE9. In select box image not come correctly in IE but in all browsers it comes correctly as it takes it's by default down arrow button how to make like this. the result in IE.

Ie9 select box problem algebra
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