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A wealthy friend of Twain paid for Helen to attend Radcliffe College, where, with Ann Sullivan at her side to help interpret for her, she graduated with honors in The Story of My Life by Helen Keller is a beautiful memoir about the power of love, language, and learning.

Sullivan acted as an interpreter as well as an additional speaker on educational methods. She was a healthy child until an illness and a severe fever left her both blind and deaf.

Helen Keller

Keller emphasizes her early love of language. She talked about books as if they were her friends. Helen Keller was born in Tuscumbia, Alabama on June 27th, I still remember the first time he was able to tell me a story. Helen learned that words represented the things that she could touch.

Before reading this, I had never realized how important books would be Helen keller book report Helen Keller. It was heartbreaking to see. In fact, when Keller became a social activist later in life, she made a number of attempts to improve her speech, although her double disability made this difficult.

Helen received numerous awards throughout her lifetime as a result of her tireless endeavors, including the Medal of Honor Helen keller book report When the boy I babysat Helen keller book report to school and learned more complex sign language, he lit up.

Keller went on to become a noted author, speaker, and political activist, advocating human rights for people not only with physical disabilities but also with social problems.

It is a moving story of the education of a child with the extreme handicap of being deaf and blind. He was absolutely glowing with joy. The Story of My Life is far from the cry for help that it might easily have been. After completing her education, with Anne continuing to mentor her, Helen began lecturing and sharing the story of her life with others, with the hope of opening up more options for people with disabilities.

After her graduation, she was regularly accompanied by Sullivan on lecture tours. Many of her later works were largely autobiographical, but there was always an emphasis on the inherent power of the individual to journey through life with hope.

She recalls learning to speak before she lost her ability to see or hear and her desperate attempts to reawaken this ability. Throughout the book, there is a strong emphasis on her love of language, especially the written word, which was, after all, one of the few ways she had of relating to the outside world.

I have not shown how much I have depended on books not only for pleasure and for the wisdom they bring to all who read, but also for that knowledge which comes to others through their eyes and their ears. With an extraordinary immediacy, Keller reveals her frustrations and rage, and takes the reader on the unforgettable journey of her education and breakthroughs into the world of communication.

She realized that kids acquire language through imitation and through hearing it all day long every day. When this book was written, Keller had already published a few articles and was doing well at Radcliffe she was graduated with honors in Of course I wrote them all down. When Helen was seven, after many years and attempts to get help for Helen, help arrived in the form of Anne Sullivan, a young teacher who had herself been blind and attended Perkins Institute for the Blind.

Indeed, books have meant so much more in my education than in that of others … — Helen Keller, The Story of My Life, Chapter 21 There was a huge list of books that she read. At the time, oral communication was almost universally stressed among educators of deaf children.

Phillips Brooks, June 8, She continued her education, studying both general academics and communication, at a school for the deaf in New York City. She went on to a college preparatory school, and her plight to learn despite her physical handicaps led to her meeting famous people, including Mark Twain.

Her teacher, Annie Sullivan, used a method of teaching with Helen that had never been done before. Keller makes it clear that she cannot speak intelligibly, and stresses that she probably never will.The Story of My Life was written while Helen Keller, then in her early twenties, was a student at Radcliffe College.

Book Review: The Story of My Life by Helen Keller

It is a moving story of the education of a child with the extreme handicap of. Helen Keller Book Report The Life of Helen Keller Helen Keller was born on June 27, at Ivy Green, in Tuscumbia, Alabama. Helen Keller was born to her father, Captain Arthur Henley Keller and her mother, Kate Adams Keller.

Helen Keller By Margaret Davidson Published by Scholastic Inc Book report and stamp artwork by Nicole Helen Keller was born in Helen was not born deaf or blind.

We chose Helen Keller for our biography book. Our daughter absolutely loved this story. We were supposed to read this over 20 days, Charlotte Mason. We just could not stretch it to last 20 days. We barely made it last 4 days.

She loved it and so we kept reading. Comment Report abuse. Lauren V. We learned a lot about Helen from this /5(79). Helen Keller summary: Helen Keller was born in Tuscumbia, Alabama on June 27th, She was a healthy child until an illness and a severe fever left her both blind and deaf.

Helen’s childhood was turbulent, as she was quite intelligent but her handicaps made her unable to communicate, causing.

The Story of My Life Summary

I remember stumbling upon this book when I was reading the “www” trilogy by Robert J. Sawyer. The protagonist is blind and Helen Keller is an inspirational figure to her.

Helen keller book report
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