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The reality though, is that he still misses his family and dreams about them often. Unspeakable crimes spoken, and in imaginative tales, where characters "come alive" and graphic details go along side almost unbelievable stories of kindness, feats of daring, escape. What degree of hope do we need in such a tale, maybe especially a tale told for an audience of young people?

Vahan later figures out that Selim was killing people, and knew how to be cold and calculating when it suited him. Bagdasarian, an Armenian American living in NYC, had this story fall in his lap, as detailed tapes recorded by his great uncle, an unlikely 12 year old survivor, came into his possession.

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They hide out at first, but pretty soon, soldiers find Sisak and shoot him too. How many horrific details do we need to know? And then, a couple days later, Mrs.

He gives food to Vahan every day and gives him a job as a stable boy, though, and even Forgotten fire Vahan along with him when he travels. People are taken from their homes, men are killed, women are violated, and Vahan watches first hand as his brothers are shot before him.

That this is a first person "account" novel, and that the kid survives, and She comes to stay with the Tashians, but when she has the baby boy, she dies of a fever; the consul takes the boy away, even though the Tashians want to Forgotten fire it.

Soon Vahan meets Seranoush, an Armenian girl whom he thinks Selim wants him to be friends with. Pattoo and his mom are still there, even though his dad and elder Forgotten fire have been killed already. He had details and a rough sketch, so his only option was to "fill in" the story with descriptions of the region, the families, based in part on family and archival research.

Finally in Constantinople, Vahan imagines a world of possibilities at his doorstep. Tashian gives him some money and wishes him good luck before he goes. Tashian start looking for a boy servant to help out at their place, and though they think Vahan is a little scrawny at first, they take him anyway.

In that same region, 7, children under 10 died of starvation. When does that hopefulness undermine the sense of horror. His older brothers start suspecting something when their dad, and then uncle, is taken away by Turkish police officers.

Altoonian worries that one of the soldiers will find him there and take it out on her and Pattoo. This seems right to me. At what point do we simply stop listening? He finds a place to stay at an orphanage, so long as he pretends to be a girl.

A child of privilege, bright but spoiled. What do we know before we read? Altoonian is warm and welcoming, but soon Vahan has worn out his welcome—Mrs. Vahan wants to leave this house full of death and sad memories, so he gets a job as a wagon driver for the Turkish army. He knew he had to tell the story, keep the memory of his ancestors and his people alive.

And at the same time, if you are thinking a more capable writer would have swept us into a frenzy of grief of despair, we need screaming, we see also that Bagdasarian can also write lovely and heart-achingly beautiful prose about dreams of his lost mother, and later as he visits a cemetery he writes: The tale is told in an undramatic, unsensational fashion, almost flatly at times, which for me enhanced the horror somehow: But what is the best way to remember?

A million, perhaps nearly two million, killed. The Tashians are very loving toward Vahan, and ask him to do normal chores around the house. Maus, Deogratias, Tree Girl, NightForgotten Fire has 1, ratings and reviews.

Josh said: This book is incredibly powerful. It deals with a forgotten period in history-- the Armenian /5. Free summary and analysis of the events in Adam Bagdasarian's Forgotten Fire that won't make you snore.

We promise. Forgotten Fire () is a young adult novel by Adam book is based on a true story and follows the young boy Vahan Kenderian through the Armenian Genocide of to It became a National Book Award finalist, National Book Award for Young People's Literature honor, and the IRA Children's Literature and Reading Notable Book for a Global Fiction.

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It isand Vahan Kendarian, the youngest son of one of the most influential Armenian families in Turkey, is confident that his privileged world will always include the house he loves, the laughter of his brothers and sisters, a sense of belonging.

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