Florida international university intermediate finance

Take the practice quiz to ensure that your computer is compatible with Blackboard. Documentation proof from proper authorities will be required if you require to take a makeup exam. None of the above 2. ECO - Undergraduate Seminar 3 Small class in which students will discuss readings, write research paper, and defend research and ideas orally.

Students must complete 60 credit hours of lower division course work including the business pre-core courses and 60 credit hours of upper division course work divided between business core courses and a combination of major courses and electives. ECO - Economics of Strategy and Information 3 Combines neoclassical economics with game theory and the economics of information to better understand markets in the real world.

Determine and analyze the appropriate measures of risk and return for various financial instruments. Devote at least 4 hours per day to study materials and do assignments due to extremely quantatative nature of course.

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Satisfies requirement in computer literacy. Does not count as economics elective toward economics major. ECO - International Trade Theory and Policy 3 Causes and consequences of international trade; effects of tariffs and quotas; strategic trade and industrial policies; political economy of protectionism; international economic integration; factor movements; and multinational firms.

The consumer protection movement. Present and proposed policies to alleviate poverty. Degree Objectives Upon completion of the program, students should be able to independently: Students who do not score percent on the Syllabus Quiz will be advised to drop the course and if they do not, will receive a score of -2 percentage points from the total of the course.

F,S ECO - Special Topics 3 A course designed to give students a particular topic or a limited number of topics not otherwise offered in the curriculum. The Finance track emphasizes solid theoretical and practical knowledge in the areas of banking, corporate finance, investments, portfolio management, financial risk management, financial engineering, financial institutions and markets, and international finance.

ECP - Law and Economics 3 The relationship of economic principles to law and the use of economic analysis to the study of legal problems. Occupational Handbook, Bureau of Labor Statistics Demand for personal financial advisors is also expected to increase, with the large number of baby boomers approaching retirement seeking financial planning advice.

If First National Bank offers quarterly compounding, compute: Rewarding and interesting job opportunities include corporate finance, financial planning, investment banking, insurance and real estate. Examination 3 will be available from Apr.

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Regarding the second textbook: Electives Four upper division business electives. Topics include estimation and hypothesis testing, analysis of variance, and single and multiple regression models.

Obtain the present value of these deposits if the interest is compounded monthly? Topics include theories of economic development, economic growth, income distribution, rural-urban migration, industry and agriculture, unemployment, education, international trade, economic reform, and the environment.

You will get familiar with the material and the kind of questions arising from it. This is a fully online class and all Examinations will be offered online. The student obtains a conception of how economic interdependence has developed.

ECO - Undergraduate Tutorial Supervised readings, individual tutorial, and preparation of reports. Answer correct within one dollar a.Achieve an undergraduate certificate online and augment your education and resume with Florida International University's professional courses.

Learn more. Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance. Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance.

Florida International University: Intermediate Finance

Students will learn how money is raised and invested, how to manage a company's financial resources, and gain an understanding of capital markets, corporate finance, investments and financial institutions. Explore the international. Most Affordable Online Colleges for Finance Degrees.

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Tweet. #15 Florida International University: Annual Tuition $9, #16 #16 University of South Dakota: Annual Tuition $10, #17 Intermediate Financial Management; International Financial Management; Investments.

OR International finance (also referred to as international monetary economics or international macroeconomics) is the branch of financial economics broadly concerned with monetary and macroeconomic interrelations between two or more countries. Florida International University A World of Possibilities FIU started with a vision to build a public university in Miami, an institution that could create opportunity for.

Florida International University University rank # (ARWU) North Miami, FL, United States | Online Students will learn how money is raised and invested, how to manage a company's financial resources, and gain an understanding of capital markets, corporate finance, investments and financial institutions.

Florida international university intermediate finance
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