Essay about the arab israeli conflict

In exchange for their support the British promised the Arabs self-rule in former Ottoman territories. Less then twenty-four hours later, Israel was invaded by its Arab neighbors: The war led to an increase in Israeli territory and Israel controlled more than half of the land set aside for the Arabs under the UN partition plan.

Israelis fear that the makeup of their nation would be greatly altered if 4 million Palestinians returned and would cease to be the Jewish nation it is today.

Jewish immigration to Palestine continued, which added to the tension between Palestinian Arabs and Jewish immigrants. On May 14,a new nation was born: Many Palestinians still lived in refuhee camps, while others lived under tight Israeli military control in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Arabs and Jews continued to fight each other until Britan could no longer control the situation and in handed Palestine over to the UN, which proposed a division of Palestine into two states.

The Arab-Israeli Conflict

Nationalism was another cause for conflict. By Julythe War of Independence was over. Palestinians have limited self-rule in forty percent of the West Bank.

After some initial success Egypt and Syria were pushed back. Today, this issue remains as one of the core concerns in Palestine. World War II marked a turning point in the controversy over Palestine. The next major conglict was the Six-Day War of How to cite this page Choose cite format: Palestinian frustration erupted with the intifada, which was an uprising of young Palestinians in the occupied Gaza and West Bank territories.

Nonetheless, this truce was often broken. On July 18,a truce was accepted by the Israelis and Arabs.

Sample Essay on the Causes and Effects of Arab-Israeli Conflict

On May 15 five surrounding Arab nations attacked it. On May 14 the independent state of Israel was born. The Arabs had been living there for hundreds of years and felt no obligation to make room for Jewish immigrants.

In early the British led an Arab revolt led by T.Arab Israeli conflict is a century-long battle characterized by political hostilities and open warfare involving the Arabs (Palestinians) an.

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Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do. The Arab-Israeli Conflict Assignment:explain and analyze the way each side to the Palestine dispute regarded the main developments and events from November (Britain’s entry into Jerusalem and issuance of the Balfour Declaration) to May (British departure from Palestine).

The Arab Israeli conflict has been an issue for over years. After the terrible events of the Holocaust, many people believed that Jews deserved a safe homeland. Free Essay: The Arab-Israeli Conflict The Arab Israeli conflict has gone on for many years. There have been many wars, terrorist attacks and peace treaties.

The Arab Israeli Conflict Essay

The Arab-Israeli conflict was a result of the two populations fighting over whose land Israel rightfully was. The Arabs believed that the land was rightfully theirs and saw the Jews as intruder’ Jews that were migrating there from various different countries believed that Israel was the .

Essay about the arab israeli conflict
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