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Many e-business companies have achieved competitive advantages by exploiting the capabilities of the Internet. One of the ways that digital marketing can shorten the channels of distribution is by eliminating the retailer and the intermediate wholesaler.

The Internet enables an e-business to reach a large market of customers, typically larger than they could reach as a traditional bricks-and-mortar company.

Distribution activities take place in the virtual distribution space. The e-commerce site is known for its reputation, high level of customer service, convenience, speed of delivery, and product selection.

Over the past decade, many e-business firms have utilized the Internet to achieve effect outpacing strategies and decreased their risk of getting stuck in the middle. The retail merchant so advertises the merchandise to advance it to the consumer.

When e-business first became popular, most e-businesses only provided static information. An example of what digital marketing means to a company can be shown by Wal-Mart. The Internet can be used to effectively leverage the brand name of an existing bricks-and-mortar company.

An example of what digital marketing means to a company can be shown by Wal-Mart. The model was developed for traditional bricks-and-mortar companies looking to expand into the virtual market space. Dell Computers is a great example of a company that has utilized both a cost leadership and differentiation strategy.

Then the wholesaler purchases the product from the producer and then sells it to the retailer at an increased price.

Additionally, most transactions have typically been limited to credit transactions. The merchandise is normally produced in mass measure. Products can be built to order, as they do not need to be stock in a physical stock; the customer can go on one site to accomplish a variety of tasks or purchase a range of products; and orders can be quickly turned around and delivered to the customer.

The producer will be able to deliver the product directly to the consumer with the help of the digital marketer and the shipper of the product.

This has drawn attention to Zappos, increased awareness of their site, and heightened their reputation. Although the virtual value chain provides a vast amount of benefits to most industries, it fits better in some business sectors than others.

Transaction activities, on the other hand, can be difficult to carry out. For example, the sales and marketing sector can better utilize the virtual value chain than the construction and engineering sectors.

Another benefit of digital selling is that it is a genuinely synergistic environment. Illustrate each case through an actual example, other than those mentioned in this module.

As technology and the Internet continue to evolve, it will be interesting to see how e-businesses will use the Internet in the future.

Distribution Of Virtual Marketing Essay Research Paper

It has done this by allowing the channels to become shorter. Inthey released a series of quirky, eye catching television commercials which have generated a lot of attention on the Internet.

Their ads can be found on YouTube, as well as spoofs of their ads. The retailer then advertises the product to promote it to the consumer.

Producer, virtual marketer and consumer. In order to achieve a cost leadership position, an e-business can use the Internet to lower their factor costs. This is known as an outpacing strategy.

Zappos has a wide product selection. An e-business retailer could provide product recommendations based on previously purchased or view items; enable the customer to view order status and order history; and develop personalized sales based on spending habits.

In August Wal-Mart launched their online web site. Also there would not be any waste. What this means is that digital marketers will be able to provide information to prospective buyers and the buyers will be able to provide commentary back to the marketer as to what they like and don t like about the product.

Then the jobber purchases the merchandise from the manufacturer and so sells it to the retail merchant at an increased monetary value.

Distribution Of Virtual Marketing Essay

The first day of the site being open for open on the Internet they had about one million Internet users stop by their site in one day. In addition to tangible sources of benefit, a differentiation strategy must also offer intangible benefits to the customer. However, current research has shown that when a company has the right factors in place, they can effectively accomplish both a low-cost and differentiation strategy simultaneously.The virtual value change is particularly useful for the sales and marketing business sector.

Sales and marketing activities can go a long way by utilizing the virtual value chain.

Marketing and Virtual Value Chain

Customer information gathered in a number of industries can be used for virtual marketing efforts. Distribution Sales And Marketing Marketing Essay INTRODUCTION Sony Corporation is a leading Japanese manufacturer of electronics, games and entertainment products.

Distribution Of Virtual Marketing Essay, Research Paper Since the debut of the World Wide Web in it has grown from a agency of pass oning for physicists to holding more than forty million users. This enormous growing and involvement in the Internet can merely intend that great chances lie in front for companies and [ ].

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Distribution of virtual marketing essay
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