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If the grammar did exist, though, it would go like this: It could also ease the pathway to accreditation for Trump University. Since I wrote about the Reddit meltdown a couple of weeks ago, and believed I had some understanding of the issue at hand, I tweeted: It also dismantled the claims of fraud, breach of contract, negligent misrepresentation, and bad faith that had previously been levied against the Trump company in a U.

This would make the new crop of enrollees eligible for federal financial aid and student loans. But derpism, or being derpy, is kind of dangerous too. It makes me smile the way butthurt used to.

This is next-level business insight. But a native internet term for stupid? Ellen Pao has resigned from Reddit," read one of the first tweets - from Mike Isaac, who then went ahead and wrote a piece for the New York Times.

The judges finally got something right. Personally, I feel that there are certain rare, very specific circumstances where the root word alone - derp - is called for.

Despite that, derp occupies a unique place in the internet lexicon. But now we finally got it right.

Derp: the internet slang that's good enough for NYT but not for Gawker

Or as New York magazine put it: Its adjective form, derpy, describes someone who is prone to acting like an idiot. The word finally entered our mainstream lexicon in to mock forehead-slappingly stupid statements with the rise of rage comics.


More from The Best Schools. A few short minutes later came this reply from one MrGenedancingmachine most definitely an angry Redactor: That the internet has given rise to a whole new vocabulary is not news. It has yet to be inducted into the Oxford English Dictionary the final word on wordsbut the Google News Index has 36, references to it.Herp Derp University, San Diego, CA.

North Carolina State University

6, likes · 3 talking about this. Content here comes from Reddit, Imgur, 4chan, Memebase, and a dozen other.

Trump University Reopens

Management Science vs Joint Math/Econ submitted 2 I understand that the management science has a more finance/business emphasis versus the Math/Econ program, which focuses a lot more on the quantitative aspect (mathematics) of economics.

Advertise - college / university. Irony is the default setting of the internet, second only, it seems, to bewilderment.


Take this: New York Times uses one particular slang word - derp - generously in its columns while 'edgy' new. And it's too bad, really, because North Carolina State University is a fine institution. My coursework has spanned several colleges including CHASS (humanities and social sciences), the College of Engineering, the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences and the First-Year College/5(5).

The University of Rhode Island offers programs leading to an M.S. or a Ph.D. degree in Mathematics. The Mathematics Department’s research areas include Difference Equations, Combinatorics, Numerical Analysis and solution of.

The Mathematics Department at the University of Waterloo on

Derp university business mathematics
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