Demonstrate strategies that can be used to clarify misunderstandings in health social care in uk

When trying to help some-one that is distressed, you first need to find out what sort of support they want and need. For instance someone who was hard of hearing may want you to communicate slowly and clearly for that individual to be able to lip read what you are saying or by sign language, communication through the hands.

Strategies that can be used to clarify misunderstandings Essay

They may show a picture of food to signal they are hungry or a face to show the emotion or how they are feeling. A way to maintain this is by keeping computer passwords safe and computers locked and only sharing passwords with people who should be allowed to see this information.

Explain how to overcome barriers to communication 3. Confidentiality can also be maintained by making sure access to electronic information is only accessible by certain people.

If some-one else who you are dealing with becomes distressed or aggressive, never hesitate to go and ask some-one for reassurance or help. Getting help Getting help is what someone in everyday life may need to do at some point.

You would communicate with a child in a different way to what you would an adult. You can also go to your local adult service department, which will provide you with a list of interpreters and may be able to help you. This could involve flash cards or sign language, but also this would give you a great advantage to learn the language as you go along through the flash cards or even the sign language.

May start to be over-dependant on you for help and supportwhich may reduce their ability to manage and make decisions for themselves If there was a little or no support at all given this may lead to- Making the person feel isolated and feels like nobody carers or is interested in what problems they have.

An individual who appeared to be in a low or sad mood may react well to reassurance, sympathy or a compliment. Talking directly to their face so the individual could read your lips, possibly using hands to sign or pointing to relative objects to help communication. To make sure communication has been received and understood it should be allowed time and concentration.

Maybe a noisy environment has caused misunderstanding maybe somewhere quieter would establish better communication. Different opinions and views should always be respected when communicating also.

If communicating in a certain way kept making an individual upset or angry then that individual would simply stop communicating or become even angrier or upset which would break down relationships and communication. Individuals that are in a care setting would have care notes and support plans which would have detailed information on how to communicate with that person.

Which seeking advice and help is a first step which you will also have to explain to the person what you are exactly doing to help and protect them. As this can progress from some-one being upset, to distressed, then to being aggressive and in most cases anger.

When dealing with some one that may be showing signs of distress, there is little you can do other than communicating and the way you handle the situation can often reduce it.

For example talking to a child you would use simple communication methods. Communication should always be in a clear and easy to understand form. It is certain that what someone is showing signs of distress is to approaching in a calm and positive way.

Describe a range of communication methods and styles to meet individual needs 2. Sometimes it is important to take responsibility for a misunderstanding and say you are sorry. How to cite this page Choose cite format: Sharing confidential information should always be done in a private environment where the information will not be overheard or interrupted.

Maybe a phone conversation has been unsatisfactory in some way, but a face to face meeting would help to establish better communication. When you approaching an individual and providing unwanted support, this can sometimes be as damaging as offering too little or none at all.

Different cultures have many different ways of communicating as do cultures have many varied ways of showing emotions and feelings. Confidential matters are generally not talked about over the telephone unless the person can be positively identified.

Then you will need to go and get help immediately. As this could be due to difference of religion and culture. Information that is spoken, written and electronically kept about individuals maybe needed to be kept confidential and only shared with certain people.

The language you have used may need to be simplified. Can the individual communicate verbally at all? Help is also available from national charities, such the National Autistic Society for those with autism.

Like not communicating in the same way to an adult as you would a child.

Principles of Communication in Adult Social Care Settings Essay

In certain circumstances it is ok to ask if you have been understood, or to relay communication to certify that you have understood the message that is being communicated. This is nothing to be ashamed of, if you need help there are many ways of getting the help you need. Physical disabilities can also be a barrier when communicating such as hearing problems or speech difficulties.

Most of the time they will harm themselves. Distress People deal with different events in many different ways.Get access to Describe Strategies That Can Be Used To Clarify Misunderstandings 3 3 4 Essays only from Anti Essays.

Listed Results 1 - Get studying. Health And Social Care Qcf Level 3 Unit 1 friends need to be involved. Describe strategies that can be used to clarify misunderstandings () Strategies could include. Sometimes misunderstandings are verbal when people mean different things under one word.

In the other cases, misunderstandings can be provoked by body language, intonation or emotions. So, depending on the kind of misunderstanding you have, you can use different strategies. demonstrate strategies that can be used to clarify misunderstandings. There are many ways when situations can be misunderstood, this doesn’t just mean verbal.

It could mean body language, attitude and the ways that you interact with another person. We will write a custom essay sample on Principles of Communication in Adult Social Care Settings specifically for you for Describe Strategies to Clarify Misunderstandings.

How to cite this page. Choose We will write a custom essay sample on Principles of Communication in Adult Social Care Settings specifically for. Describe strategies that can be used to clarify misunderstandings Explain how to access extra support or services Health & Social Care (Adults); Yvonne Nolan with Neil Moonie and Sian Lavers; Heinemann, Demonstrate Strategies That Can Be Used To Clarify Misunderstandings In Health Social Care In Uk.

Unit Promote communication in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings (SHC 31) Level: Credit value: UAN: 3 3 J// Unit aim This unit is aimed at those who work in health or social care settings or with .

Demonstrate strategies that can be used to clarify misunderstandings in health social care in uk
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