Creative writing arts supplement dance

Visual Arts Digital images will be accepted as. If your research incorporated work from many individuals or was part of a larger project, please indicate your specific contributions when completing the form.

Please bear in mind that Yale School of Art faculty members review selected portfolios, not admissions officers. You may also link to media from YouTube and Vimeo. File Sizes and Types Although we technically support media files as large as 2 GB, please be advised that larger files will take longer to upload from your Internet connection and may stall if you are on a wireless connection or one that cannot sustain a connection for the necessary period of time.

Each SlideRoom submission incurs a fee, listed in each program below. The total length of recordings should not exceed 20 minutes and should not include any biographical or introductory material.

Supplementary Materials

If you feel it is necessary to provide additional information, you may submit a PDF of your resume as part of the Columbia-specific questions in either the Common Application or the Coalition Application, where we allow for the submission of professional resumes.

Full research papers are generally more helpful than abstracts. Additional information can be found on the Yale School of Music website. Design images or technical production documents can be submitted using one of the image platforms listed below.

You should limit the work submitted to between 5 and 8 pieces, which should include at least one drawing. Early Decision applicants must submit their supplements by November 1 and Regular Decision applicants must submit their supplements by January 1.

If you are submitting an abstract, you will also be asked to answer a few short questions on the duration of your research involvement, your specific role in and contributions to the research project, and contact information of your research mentor.

Please be sure to select the program within SlideRoom that aligns with the application Coalition Application or Common Application that you are submitting. Architecture, Creative Writing, Dance, Drama and Theatre Arts, Film, Music and Visual Arts supplements can be submitted through SlideRoom, an online platform that allows applicants to send digital materials to the admissions office.

You should insert your creative writing sample into the Additional Information section of the Common Application or Coalition Application.

Please bear in mind that Yale dance faculty review selected dance recordings, not admissions officers. Uploaded documents may contain no more than 75 pages.

If you are unable to include the creative writing sample with your application, you may also upload your work through your Yale Admissions Status Portal using the Update Application form.

Students submitting a visual arts supplement should select up to 20 digital images that highlight the best work in their portfolio. It also includes the option to invite a research mentor to submit a letter of recommendation electronically or via mail or fax to the admissions office.

This will help us better understand your specific research experience beyond what you may have already included in your other application materials. Most students who choose to submit an artistic portfolio have achievements at the state, national or international level related to their craft and have devoted a significant amount of time and energy to their art form s.

Music We ask that students select two works contrasting in period and tempo, and choose from one of three possible types of submissions: We specifically ask that you do not send collections of awards or certificates, and we explicitly direct that you refrain from submitting or mailing any type of supplementary materials in binders or folders.

You should consider submitting work only if your dancing is a strong and important part of your application and demonstrates a high level of ability and artistry for a high school dancer.

Students are asked to limit themselves to one music supplement. Original compositions can be submitted as PDFs. Students submitting an architecture supplement should select up to 10 digital images or models that highlight the best work in their portfolio.

Applicants are encouraged to submit musical performances of works in two contrasting styles.

They must also select their music type as one of the following: Submissions should not exceed five minutes total. While we request that the volume of supplementary credentials be kept to a minimum, there may be occasions where such credentials provide valuable information that the standard application does not.


Please submit no more than 20 images of your strongest work. Yale offers a B. Creative Writing Creative writing supplements must be emailed directly to admission hamilton.

Arts Supplement

We require that students also list the composer, title of the work and movement title or opus number. Please follow the instructions above if you would like a music recording or score to be part of your Yale College application.

Vocal, String, Keyboard, Percussion, Wind, Brass Students must describe their plans for music involvement in college, provide a summary of their training and experience including instructor names and length of trainingand describe their roles in any submitted work.

The auditions held by the Yale School of Music for admission to the B.Creative Writing at Duke is guided by the belief that the experience of writing and reading creatively is a gift to a student for life.

It is a source of imaginative enrichment, aesthetic discipline, heightened awareness and a vital means of re-integrating thoughts, feeling and practice that are too often disconnected in our contemporary world. The Program in Creative Writing offers Princeton undergraduates the unique opportunity to pursue original work in fiction, poetry, screenwriting and translation under.

Architecture, Creative Writing, Dance, Drama and Theatre Arts, Film, Music and Visual Arts supplements can be submitted through SlideRoom, an online platform that allows applicants to send digital materials to the admissions office.

Arts supplements are evaluated by faculty members in the appropriate department, and we consider both the supplement and the evaluation as part of our holistic review process.

Art, music, creative writing, dance, and performing arts materials may be included with your application portfolio. Prospective Students. Show Menu Instead, committed students of the arts may pursue one or more certificates in Creative Writing, Dance, Theater, The Arts Supplement is an optional form that can be included with your Princeton application.

It gives applicants who have excelled in a creative field a more flexible place to share their work. Required Supplementary Materials for Arts Applicants Applications in the Creative and Performing Arts require the submission of supplementary materials (work samples) in support of the written application.

Creative writing arts supplement dance
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