Coltan war of the drc

In its export volume exploded to nearly 70 tons. Certain regions in Africa have numerous rich coltan deposits and a history of structural and political violence and exploitation. With more than 30 armed groups in the region, there is a growing market of men seeking sex.

The positive and negative consequences of the demand for coltan on both the global economy and the Congolese state are vast. When it comes to its mineral reserves particularly diamonds, coltan, cassiterite, tin, and copper the Democratic Republic of the Congo is one of the richest countries in the world.

Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi and their proxy militias are the primary exploiters of coltan in the Congo. He drives us to his home, where he chases away the curious and then closes the curtains.

And the troops are not the only foreigners present. In mining towns that depend on coltan for their wealth, fewer people cultivate the land.

Blood and minerals: Who profits from conflict in DRC?

China, Thailand, and Malaysia. Mother Justice - waging a war on rape in DRC The gold that James, the trafficker, shows us in nugget form has left the quarry near Coltan war of the drc, the same one controlled for years by Bosco Ntagandawho is currently on trial for war crimes at The Hague.

But organized mines may be run by corrupt groups such as militias. Demand for bushmeat comes from urban dwellers who consider it a delicacy, as well as from remote populations of artisanal miners. This technique works for samples of mixed sources as well as pure coltan; however, it requires having sample fingerprints for all original coltan sources on file.

Asia[ edit ] Three countries in Asia are involved with coltan mining: One NGO has committed to counting the dead, but so far the number remains a mystery.

iPhone mineral miners of Africa use bare hands

The revenue generated by this trade serves only to subvert the Congolese state, thereby hindering the welfare of the local population Montague,p. The UN also considers developed countries that support conflict minerals violators of human rights for allowing the violations to continue rather than fulfilling and promoting the human rights set forth in the [10] Declaration.

And it rarely matters who that strongman is - as the power shifts in the long-running battle to control the mines and minerals, one strongman simply replaces another.

Coltan production in the eastern Congo. Apart from the corruption that is going on, child labour is also very common in the Congo, and the mining industry is no exception.

Coltan Mining

The men concentrate calmly on their work or joke among themselves. Even in the legal markets, coltan mining is environmentally dangerous. These regulate voltage and store energy in mobile phones, tens of millions of which have been sold in the past few years. From there it will go to the market, potentially to be used in high-end cosmetic products.

The United Nations notes in its report on the Illegal Exploitation of Natural Resources in the congo that "The consequences of illegal exploitation has been twofold: Similarly, Uganda exported 2.

Making History Matter

When coltan is refined it becomes a heat resistant powder that can hold a high electric charge. Mining threatens the national parks across the Congo. The army has provided protection and security to the individuals and companies extracting the mineral.

As Western markets have been reducing their demand for conflict coltan, the Chinese market has embraced it with open arms as Chinese firms have begun to carve footholds in the global minerals industry. One material, in particular, has become foundational for manufacturing these final products.The DRC's conflict might be the deadliest since World War II, and one of world's worst active crises.

But it also may be the most obscure -- the most anonymous. In Kitchanga, the conflict erupted into view during a bloody week in February and March. Coltan, Cell Phones, and Conflict: The War Economy of the DRC December 2, By Will Rogers Eclipsed by the world economic downturn, the great heist of the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s (DRC) resources continues unabated.

The hidden coltan mines in a forgotten corner of the Democratic Republic of Congo fuel our 21st century lifestyle The black tar-like mineral is. Coltan is a metallic ore from which the very similar elements niobium, also known as columbium, and tantalum are extracted.

Coltan mining specifically in the Democratic Republic of Congo has been associated with human rights violations. From Coltan ores are extracted the metals tantalum and niobium which have several uses in advanced technology products, notably in high density capacitors used in cameras, mobile phones and other compact electronic devices.

One of the principal sources of Coltan has been the DRC. Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The strong public attention on tantalum and coltan is somewhat puzzling. Coltan is far from being the most important mineral that is mined in the DRC.

Coltan war of the drc
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