An analysis of racial stereotypes in black men and public space by brent staples

The way an individual looks and presents them selves determines the judgment of them by others. This surprise is a good effect that inspires the audience to continue reading with the purpose in decoding the message he sent to us.

Rhetorical uses in “Black Men and Public Space” by Brent Staples Essay Sample

Thus many individuals fail to realize the feebleminded impression of hate and fear they exemplify through their actions. Although the author calls this woman his victim, he himself is the victim in the situation.

Stereotyping (Black Men in Public Space)

Judgmental perceptions of a young, innocent and kindhearted African-American male have conclusively proved that generations of stereotyping continue to exist and victimize Staples. The irony and tone used by Staples successfully show the consistent mistreatment of black men in society solely based on racial stereotyping that should be discontinued to acknowledge equality for all individuals.

Stereotypes have the potential to instill fear into the minds of those who willing and unwillingly seek it. What Staples is explaining in this observation is that this woman is afraid. As a victim of stereotypes, Staples risks becoming a victim of death if someone were to foolishly act on their fear.

He goes out of his way to not make people uncomfortable despite his rage of his treatment in society. Works Cited Staples, Brent. Fear can be communicated through actions resulting from an initial stereotype. Stereotyping Black Men in Public Space Stereotyping Black Men in Public Space 9 September Bullying Stereotypes typically appeal to sex and race, but generally, almost anything can be transitioned into a stereotype.

He utilizes the irony in his text to illustrate the injustice of what seems to be and what it should be regarding the treatment to black men.

Black Men and Public Space Analysis

Unfortunately this has lead to forms of violence and fear being instilled in one another to address these stereotypes.

Being under discrimination, there were many writers who struggled for the racial movement and gained many valuable results such as Martin Luther King Jr.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Also, he is an educated person or even a professional journalist in New York. Under Staples circumstances, the fears exhibited by individuals around him inflict conceivable danger towards him.

Generation after generation is being exposed to these harmful statements that promote negativity. In conclusion, Staples implies his desire for all individuals to not judge someone based on appearances, and how these racial stereotypes affect victims. In addition, the relationship between the conclusion and introduction is very tight.

Ultimately, Staples is the victim of stereotype. With this quote, Staples illustrates how ridiculous paranoid people can be around people just as equal as them, and that anyone should be able to do anything freely in public spaces.

Staples allows the audience to realize the potential danger imposed on the victims of stereotyping. Staples is caught in a dilemma where he happens to notice a Caucasian female in her early twenties displaying signs of worry as he casually walks the streets of Hyde Park.

He implies that he is forcefully a victim of stereotyping simply because of his African-American inheritance. Appearance and physique play a role in stereotyping. Staples describes a perfectly vivid example of individuals showing discriminatory acts towards him. This young woman witnessed Staples physical appearance and quickly made a judgment in which she assumed the worse.

However, inside this humorous, we can find a bitter or even sardonic smile. Staples communicated in vivid details the realistic point of view of what it is like to be a true victim of frequent stereotyping.

The individual in the car exemplifies the subliminal expression of fear by making a conscious effort to lock the doors of the car as Staples walks by.

This essay sheds light on the mistreatment towards an ordinary African American male. Subliminal stereotyping is miserably carried on throughout generations. He first introduces the story more than ten years ago in Chicago, and then mentions other experiences as he moves to New York for his job.

Violence promotes negativity in every way, shape and form. It is so thoughtful.In Brent Staples “Black Men and Public Space”, a black man reveals his experience with particular individuals in public areas whom fear him based on his race’s stereotype. Staples suggest that people still tend to portray black men as violent and dangerous individuals from racial tendencies without rationalizing and thus causing stress to the.

Black Men and Public Space Analysis. In Brent Staples “Black Men and Public Space”, The presence of black men is the harbinger of black stereotypes and severe racial discrimination. Summary of Black Men and Public Space Staples Brent in. In "Black Men and Public Space," Brent Staples explains his how receiving an inheritance of race, has made him submissive to society.

No matter where he is, what he's doing or what his attire is, he is considered a threat to those who don't look like him.

Staples testifies about being constantly /5(3). Black Men & Public Space. No description In “Black Men and Public Space,” Brent Staples utilizes rhetorical and argumentative strategies to prove how preconceived notions about race force a reluctant change in behavior that further alters society’s perceptions of an individual.

Racial stereotypes force individuals to reluctantly. In the short essay, “Black Men in Public Space” written by Brent Staples, discusses his own experiences on how he is stereotyped because he is an African American and looks intimidated in “public places” (Staples ).

Staples, an intelligent man that is a graduate student at University of. Stylistic Analysis of Opening Paragraph of Black Men and Public Space by Brent Staples Words | 6 Pages Black Men and Public Space," Staples describes the issues, stereotypes, and criticisms he faces being a black man in public surroundings.

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An analysis of racial stereotypes in black men and public space by brent staples
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